At RIEWorks we transcend our customer’s expectations by providing not only the best quality manufactured items but excellent services as well. Our extensive range of services in the field of Industrial Engineering reflects our topmost priority of delivering manufacturing solutions focused on ensuring our customer’s success. We undertake the complete design and development of simple and complex machinery along with the procurement of the respective parts needed for industrial manufacturing. Our company indulges in providing superior quality industrial works services that are designed for application in different industries.

  • Simple and complex machine design and manufacturing
  • Procurement
  • Ducting works
  • Piping works
  • MS and SS Fabrication
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Instrumentation and Control
  • Industrial Automation
  • Testing
  • Maintenance


For the past 31 years, RIEWorks has been a reputable name in the market for manufacturing high grade operating equipment. We are committed to innovating and manufacturing superior quality machinery and delivering successful industrial solutions. Our manufactured items are most preferred by our clients given our rich experience in understanding the client’s needs and our expert engineering team does no compromise on manufacturing high quality robust machinery.

Air Blower
Air Curtain
- Drum Cage
- Pneumatic
- SS and MS
- Screw Conveyor
Cooling Tower
- Overhead Crane
Dust Collector
- Centtifugal Dust Collector
- Axial Dust Collector
- Propeller
- Exaust
- Surface Aeractor
Fume Extractor
Hydrogen Chamber
- Cargo
- Powder Mixer
- chocolate
- Candy
- Waste Water Treatment
- MS
- SS
Roof Ventilator
Tank and Vessel
- Air Receiver Tank
- Fuel Storage
- Water
- Oil
- Milk
- Glucose
- high pressure reactor type tank
- Damper Valve