Royal Industrial Engineering Works is an industrial engineering company, renown for the superior quality manufacturing of operating equipment and machinery.
Our head office is based in Pakistan and overseas located in Botswana. RIEWorks founded in 1983, we have a history of innovative manufacturing products using advanced technology to provide profitable solutions for our clients. Our team of professional engineers uses high grade materials and advance technology for ensuring flawless performance of the products being manufactured. RIEWorks has been making progress in the past few years by providing profitable and reliable manufacturing solutions that cater to a wide array of sectors that employs the use of industrial machinery and operating equipment for different applications.

RIEWors owns a broad and diverse portfolio of manufactured items, machinery and other operating equipment that serves different applications in the industrial sector. The strategy employed at RIEWorks is to deliver greater efficiencies and optimal performing machinery for helping our customers to progress and grow their businesses.

If you are looking for an integrated manufacturing company that specializes in the design and development of industrial engineered machinery; you have come to the right place. The policy implemented at RIEWorks is to manufacture world class machinery of high quality standards as per the specification of our customers. The assortment of services provided at RIEWorks has made it a reliable name in the market when it comes to the engineering and manufacturing of machinery. With leading edge technology and a professional trained team, the designing of complex machinery and industrial automation services offered by RIEWorks are the best in the market because we also undertake the maintenance and instrumentation of the machinery.

The products we manufacture are highly efficient, reliable and therefore, find extensive application in various industrial sectors. Our products and services offer client’s more value than they expect to receive. We maintains a presence in a variety of markets by being a company that focuses on strategic expansion and success by evaluating the critical needs of clients in our modern society.