RIEWorks continuously pursue advanced technology to design and manufacture industrial operating machinery to collaborate with clients, guarantee them profitable and reliable solutions to increase their working efficiencies


Vast Network of Industries

RIEWorks has been serving clients by providing smart industrial solutions engineered to meet the challenging demands of the fast growing emerging markets and manufacturing sectors. Our services reach out to the requirements of a vast network of industries. Due the fast growth of the industry, the markets are becoming diversified and we at RIEWorks do it all to provide you the best manufacturing solution in the market. We also specialize in providing manufacturing services for a lot of other industries that deal with operating equipment. Our extensive experience, strong development skills and industrial technologies and systems help enhance and optimize efficiencies for our clients. The engineering team at RIEWorks strives to develop “all possible manufacturing solutions, for all industrial sectors”.

Food processing and Packaging

Gas Processing and Compression

Textile Industry

Rice Mill

Oil Refinery

Plastic Industry

Chemical Processing

Cement Industry


Hospital SS Furniture

Our Clients

Past and Present Clients

Our machines are manufactured with a personalized approach to ensure your personal growth and business progress, Clients avail these services as per their exact requirement